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Aliran Sesat

Posted by patung on October 30, 2007

A great deal of media interest in “aliran sesat” currently, that is stories about Muslim and Islamic sects and cults, most notably the group Al-Qiyadah Al-Islamiyah, who have caused a debate over the “true” nature of Muslim beliefs or otherwise, and the question of religious freedom.

It is an old issue, and there are many other tales of religious deviants being pursued and harassed by Muslim militants, the police, and the courts, not to mention the media. These include the Lia Eden story, and many others:


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Malaysia Boleh

Posted by patung on October 24, 2007

Malaysia boleh indeed. The various ways in which Malaysian and Indonesian relations are strained.

Hundreds of Indonesian guest workers are deported from Malaysia. An Indonesian karate coach is beaten senseless by police in Kuala Lumpur.

Yet another Malaysian insult to Indonesia, with the “theft” of the Rasa Sayange folk song.

Meanwhile, the Islamization of Malaysia goes on.

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Islamic Barbie Dolls

Posted by patung on October 23, 2007

“Muslim” barbie dolls are becoming popular as presents for young girls in Indonesia, is it just business or a deeper cultural shift?

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Indonesian Communist Party

Posted by patung on October 5, 2007

Post about how the Indonesian Communist Party is viewed today in Indonesia, 40 years after it was liquidated, and a further look at the 1965 coup, examining the relationship between Sukarno & Aidit.

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Palm Oil

Posted by patung on October 5, 2007

George Soros expresses interest in the palm oil industry in Indonesia.

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