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Top Blogs & Widgets

Posted by patung on January 28, 2008

The Top 100 Indonesian blogs at Indonesia Matters (About) list now has the ability for blog owners to display a ranking widget to show the rank of their site in the overall scoring system.

See the widgets for some of the top ranked sites, Cosa Aranda, Priyadi, Blogombal, and Wimar Witoelar.

More on the different types of ranking systems for Indonesian blogs.


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Aliran Sesat

Posted by patung on October 30, 2007

A great deal of media interest in “aliran sesat” currently, that is stories about Muslim and Islamic sects and cults, most notably the group Al-Qiyadah Al-Islamiyah, who have caused a debate over the “true” nature of Muslim beliefs or otherwise, and the question of religious freedom.

It is an old issue, and there are many other tales of religious deviants being pursued and harassed by Muslim militants, the police, and the courts, not to mention the media. These include the Lia Eden story, and many others:

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More Scandals

Posted by patung on September 26, 2007

Some stories of the seedier side of life in Indonesia. A number of sex videos in 3gp handphone format featuring college and high school age young persons are in circulation. A leading newspaper asks the question – do Indonesian girls like blue movies? And local governments are turning back the tide on legal red light districts and is porno coming to Indonesian television screens?

A schoolgirl is threatened by her schoolmates for posing nude.

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Yahya Zaini & Maria Ireva

Posted by patung on December 3, 2006

The Golkar sex video scandal, Yahya Zaini, and Maria Eva.

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Hot Babes

Posted by patung on November 2, 2006

A couple of stories on some hot Indonesian babes, Sarah Azhari and Ratu Felisha, Shanty, Tamara Bleszynski, and Dian Sastro, Rebecca Reijman gets into trouble in Aceh Jessica Mogi. A few of these ladies are listed in the Top 10 “Hottest” Women list.

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Nadine Chandra

Posted by patung on July 19, 2006

Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata, or just Chandra, has caused a minor controversy. Continued at

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Joanna Alexandra & Fla Priscilla

Posted by patung on July 11, 2006

Actresses Joanna Alexandra & Fla Priscilla have been reported to the police over their sort of sexy poses in Playboy.

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Tiara Lestari Photo

Posted by patung on June 17, 2006

News on the lovely Tiara Lestari.

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Playboy, Second Edition

Posted by patung on June 8, 2006

The Second Edition of Playboy has hit the newstands in Jakarta and Bali.

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Indonesian Playboy

Posted by patung on January 13, 2006

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